Charlie the beagle videos
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Thread: Charlie the beagle videos

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    Charlie the beagle videos

    I think that i will post my videos in one Thread to avoid to many posts

    Charlie the beagle is getting ready for his play date:

    Laura did a good job on our dog Charlie ...what a strong love bond they have together...

    I love how Laura holds up the mirror at the end to show Charles how handsome he looks

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    Pie Face is the only game where dogs like to lose. Laura and Charlie had an amazing time, lot of fun and laughs

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    Sir Charles thinks he is a human and he doesn't like to eat from his bowls or table anymore. He wants to eat only from the plate. !!!Beagles never STOPS surprising me!!!

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    Poor Charlie doesn't understand a baby Laura and to pleased her, He decides to give her everything He could imagine unless what she really wanted.

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    Now I know what our dog is doing when we are not at home
    We are testing Petcube ( review this week) and we always thought that our Charlie just lies and waiting for us when we are gone

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