2nd beagle mama
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Thread: 2nd beagle mama

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    2nd beagle mama

    I had a Billy Beagle (house pet) for years (he died in Nov 2011). Now I have Rescue Millie Beagle, 1.5 years old. She is definitely a hunter. I turn her out in the yard in the morning and she goes to town. I realize my Billy was dumped because he wasn't interested in hunting. He was just a wonderful, sweet boy. I have spent almost a whole week making my chain link fence (about 1/3 acre yard) Millie-proof. She is going to be a character, but I already love her. She sleeps on the bed beside and at night, then goes out to 'hunt' in the morning.

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    Sorry about your loss of your pal Billie. Millie sounds like she will keep you happy and busy! One of my beags used to be a hunter and it was a challenge at first to get her used to being in a fenced yard and on a leash, but she is super happy now.

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