Hi everyone! Hoping to find other beagle lovers here! :)
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Thread: Hi everyone! Hoping to find other beagle lovers here! :)

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    Hi everyone! Hoping to find other beagle lovers here! :)

    Hi there!
    I'm the proud mama of an 8 month old female beagle, Maci. We've had her since she was 8 weeks old, went all the way to Lake Eerie area to get her - we were even picking up US radio stations! Reserved her as ours before she was even born! What a long wait that was, close to 3 months from the time we reserved her to the day we got to meet her and bring her home. She's the love of my life! She's a spunky little girl, very friendly! Wonderful with people of all ages, and other dogs of all sizes! She even loves cats, though they're not too fond of her!
    We live in Muskoka, Canada - Ontario's cottage country. Maci loves going for long walks in the bush - she did a 3km hike at just 10 weeks old and was still kickin'!
    She is not and will never be used to hunt. She is purely a companion, and a wonderful one she is! She's our little cuddle bunny
    Maci is my 2nd Beagle - I got a male puppy for my 12th birthday. Sadly he was given back to the breeder as we were unable to give him what he needed at that time. He'd be 8 years old now - I miss him every day. But my little Maci mouse helps to fill the void
    Looking forward to sharing my experiences with everyone, and getting support from others through the rest of Maci's puppy growing pains!
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    Welcome to BeaglesUnlimited ,
    Your Maci is a beautiful girl and with those eyes you will never be able to say no... Beag's make wonderful companions and from what you say she is a perfect fit in your home. This forum has a wealth of useful information devoted to Beagles ,and , many friendly Beag owners. It has been a few years since my last Beag , and like your Maci ours was a family companion and a great playmate for our children. I did not see this post until today so let me be the first to wish you good with your new pal Maci.

    Best , oldhounddog

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    Hello and welcome to you and Maci -- she is so cute!

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