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Rabbit Hunting

Humor And The Hunt

by Robert L. Mason

           Anyone who has hunted for any time at all knows that there are often humorous incidents that happen in the field that leave a man scratching his head and holding his sides.  Sometimes, the incidents are mildly  embarrassing and occasionally they are totally bizarre, but they can sometimes be so rich with humor as to remain a source of laughter many years later.

From Start To Finish

by Gord Follett

         Five starts, five shots, four rabbits. And it wasn't even 10:30 in the morning yet! This was akin to scoring a hat-trick in the first period!

Ambush Of The Sky Predators

by Bill Bennett

The early December morning dawn is cold as a weak light struggles across the eastern horizon. You quietly drink a third cup of coffee as the cobwebs of sleep fade from your eyes.

The air is cold, still and wet from last nights downpour. The sun’s weak rays struggle to dissolve the thick blanket of fog that has settled across the Delta. You are anxious to load the dogs and get out of doors. Your patience grows thin as the minutes drag slowly by like a heavy steel weight.

The Tri-Colored Ghost

by Lyle Zerla

          It was October 31 and I was taking two of my dogs out to run. Since rabbit season was starting at the end of the week, I wanted to “tune” them up.

Scrubbed Mission

by Bill Bennett

You awaken at 5 am on Saturday morning to the sound of raindrops softly tapping on the bedroom windowsill. Your anxiety level rises as you slip out of bed and quietly make your way to the dinning room in the predawn darkness.

Opening Day

by Robert L. Mason

            As summer sets its feet against the encroachments of the fall and the cycle of the seasons takes its course, none of God's creatures rejoices more than the hunters and the hounds, for the changes swirling in the thickening air.

One Tough Bunny

by Gord Follett


There are a couple of ways of looking at a situation involving a “buck” rabbit – an older, wiser hare that “knows the ropes,” as they say – which you’ve been hunting for hours: (A) You can’t wait to get him and pat yourself on the back, or (B) If you do finally get a clear shot, you lower the gun and decide to give it another chance. Now that’s really enhancing the challenge!

One Good Thanksgiving Day

by John S Rogers Jr

Here in South Carolina the gun season for rabbits opens Thanksgiving Day. The turkey with trimmings and the bowl games have to wait until  after the rabbit hunt, important things have to come first. We take a few minutes to be thankful for all the many good things we have and then load the Beagles and shotguns.

Get 'Em Out!

by Gord Follett

Partridge hunting, in my humble opinion, is the most enjoyable form of outdoor recreation offered in these parts.

The Retrieve

by Bill Bennett

          The Black River serves as a formidable border between the northeast Arkansas Delta and the rolling foothills of the Ozark Mountain range. This meandering river is a landmark for migrating waterfowl. The river bottoms are home to a substantial deer herd, turkey flocks, and an abundant population of swamp and cottontail rabbits.

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