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    Movement of akita inu dog in Vietnam.

    Akita inu dog is known to be the most loyal dog breed in the world of dogs. In Vietnam today, the breeding of this breed is gradually gaining popularity and being warmly welcomed by the pet...
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    Shaggy akita dog. Japanese teddy bear.

    Shaggy akita dog is a beautiful version of Akita inu breed. They have extremely cute puffy fur. However, fuzzy akita dogs do not conform to FCI standards. So dog fuzzy akita inu can not participate...
  3. 9 most popular dog breeds in Japan. Where to buy Japanese dogs at Tphcm and Hanoi

    1. Akita Inu: The first breed we want to mention is Akita Inu. First Japanese national dog. Have you heard the story of the dog Hachiko? Worldwide famous Hachiko about the loyalty of a dog with 9...
  4. Set of Akita Inu dog photos in the beautiful sunset at Long Bien longan garden. Add

    Come to Long Bien longan garden, where you are lost in a pristine forest with ancient and rough labels. Amid the vast expanse of heaven and earth, the green grass fields are interspersed with clumps...
  5. Experience choosing Akita Inu dogs. Where to buy Akita Inu dogs in good quality?

    Akita Inu Dog is one of the most ancient, rare and expensive dogs in the world. They are known for their world of loyalty. The most typical story is that the dog Hachiko devoted his whole life to...
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