8month beagle in training
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Thread: 8month beagle in training

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    8month beagle in training

    I have a 8 month male he started at six months and he can run them for hours but when he hunts for rabbits he doesn't wonder that far from me. Then if like he has his head down hunting ill walk away and kinds hide if he notices I'm gone he will look for me is that ok is is he still a pup and he will grow out of it. Really good blood line 9 out of 14 dogs in his pedagree are feild champs

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    cagefan20 ,

    The short answer is to let your Beag run with a seasoned Hunting Beagle and your dog will pick up a lot from the more experienced Beagle.

    Read this article , it will help: https://www.beaglesunlimited.com/trai...e-pups-rabbits


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