Beagle Problems
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Thread: Beagle Problems

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    Beagle Problems

    I have an 8-month old Beagle named Tom who is actually lovable but is quite laden with a few "faults".

    Fault #1. Barking: He barks at anyone and anything even ants

    Fault #2. He is not friendly towards other dogs that we often meet in the dog park. Instead of playing, he keeps on showing aggressive actions and tug on the leash.

    Any tips along these lines?


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    whenever an owner has a problem about non-stop barking of beagles, we always get the answer that it's their nature because they have been originally bred to be hunting dogs. However, Beagles nowadays have become pets in heavily populated cities and there is a need to address this nuisance behavior or you might get in a fight with your neighbors.

    barking is often a signal or your dog may be scared or bored. Whatever it is, you should make the effort to look into the problem--the ultimate cause. and only then can you come up with a fool-proof solution.

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    Cece you have several options to train your dog to stop barking incessantly--

    1. try barking collars
    2. hold his muzzle when he barks and apply a little pressure. When he stops barking, reward him with a treat or praising him
    3. distraction method: fill a soda can with pebbles and rattle it when he starts barking to distract his attention

    Hope this helps =)

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    Trying to stop a beagle from barking is often easier said than done. Why don't you teach your dog to bark on command? This is the best way to show him when it is alright to bark and when it is not acceptable. Be lavish with your praises and rewards.

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    By the way, never shout at your dog to frighten him into stopping because this will not happen. In fact it will seem like you are answering his call just like the olden times in the wilderness when barking was a means of communication.

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    Our Beagle get 3 45 minute walks a day and goes to a daycare facility during the week where he can play with other dogs, how however still has a problem with barking constantly. We ended up getting him a Bark Collar. I have used it for about 2 weeks and the barking has stopped and the last 2 days he has not needed to use it, if he does start to bark a little I just have to show him the collar and he will stop.

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    The soda can with the pebbles does work really well. I am also curious, is he neutered? If not, perhaps the aggressive behavior would lessen if he was.

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    Neutering does help for sure. I don't like bark collars. Get a citrus one and and not a stun one (those can have nasty results). You can try water, too, or a pet trainer, or a whistle.

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    My hanna has started barking at anything that catches her fancy. Although I know that barking is a primitive instinct I hope to find a way to minimize her barking. It's become irritating sometimes and there might be problems with the neighbors.

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    I once got a bark collar for one of my female beagles. She was driving the neighbors nuts. One day I was home and watched a cat come right up to her kennel fence. She barked that collar right up to St Bernard and still couldn't stop herself. It's bred in. I had to go chase the cat off. I took the collar off and never have used one since. The next time that cat came around I let both dogs go on it. I never saw that cat near the kennel again and the barking quieted lots. Then the coons started coming around........

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