I have tried the bark collars with so-so results, only used it on the ones who were barking all the time for no apparent good reason - I live out in a rural area so they don't bother anyone but us - 5 am is too early to be baying after scents in the yard. The bark collar seemed to help tone it down. But I don't think it work if they SAW a cat or squirrel or rabbit or coon. I used to keep them inside the house at night so we could sleep, I don't have a problem with the barking at night now. Training them to bark on command works good, except then they are always barking to try to get a treat, it would be better to use a clicker as a secondary reinforcer. You start by giving a small treat-like a Cheerio-AND using the clicker immediately after the correct behavior (or an almost correct one), then start to phase out the treat part until you are only using the clicker. I have found with most beagles, behavior modification techniques work really well IF you use them correctly.