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Thread: Buying a beagle on the net ?

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    This is a scam, as I spoke recently to one of Uno's owners from Lambur Kennels. He told me that Uno is and always was sterile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beaglersonthego View Post
    They were and after much talking with them on the phone and photo swaps as well a guarantee that if I was not happy with my beagle puppy within 24hrs they had to take him.
    After 24 hours? That doesn't give you much time! A reputable breeder will take back any dog they bred at any point during it's life, whether it's 24 hours later, or 4 years later.

    To the OP, it reads like a total scam puppy farm. I would never buy a puppy that way. I buy direct from responsible, registered breeders who have been recommended to me by others in the breed.

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    if u want to raise some of your own pups i have a Grand Rabbit Hunting Champion for stud. Stud fee is $125 for a limited time only. email me ar [email protected]

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    If the Beagle pups sound too good to be true then they probably are. You can never do better than face to face contact when it comes to purchasing a pet.
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    Lots of dogs are bought off the net these days just ask around . At the dog park I frequent I'd say maybe 40% outta state dogs on the net,30% rescue and 40% local breeders .

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