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    I rescued a young beagle a couple of years ago. He has been neutered, vaccinated on a regular basis and is loved and taken care of by myself and my family.

    He has recently, in the last two weeks, had two seizures. He gets stiff, can't walk, drools, shakes terribly and splays his toes. It lasts about 2-3 minutes-once it over, he seems to be fine. While he is displaying these symptons I wrapping him in a blanket, hold him and pet him.

    I don't know anything about his background or breeding. It is very obvious he is a beagle. He is the sweetest, cutest little guy - The first couple of years he did not show these symptoms. Really caught off guard and not sure why or what to do?

    Any advice or thoughts would be much appreciated -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michelle Skeen View Post
    Really caught off guard and not sure why or what to do? -
    Hi Michelle,
    Welcome to Beagles Unlimited.

    I have not personally had experience with this illness , however , I've talked with a few folks that have had dogs with seizures and find that being more informed will help you help your Beagle.

    First , the one thing that comes across with most people , and I'm sure I would be the same if surprised with my dog having these symptoms that just came out of the "Blue", and , that is to hold and comfort your dog. Please don't do this , It will be much better for your dog if you comfort with calm soft tone words without touching during the seizure. Make sure that your hands are not close to your dogs mouth to avoid accidental bite and clamp down.( your dog will not know he is doing this) Just make sure he is safe and not in danger of hurting himself , for example: make sure he can not fall off of anything , and , keep him away from water.

    My best advice would be to educate yourself as much as possible and start calling around to Vets in your area to locate one that has experience with treating seizures and preferably with Beagles. Get references from dog owners in your area if possible. It is my understanding that this is very treatable , and , looking for a Vet with experience in treating seizures would be a good first move.

    We have some information on seizures here :

    Helpful info link :

    Sending get well vibes.........................

    If I left anything out please post any ???

    Please post and let us know how everything is going.

    Best , oldhounddog

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    Hi Michelle, I made an account to reply to your post. My beagles first seizure was at the age of 5 and his second wasn't until a year later. He was given tablets to be taken daily after his third seizure at the age of around 7. The tablets eventually increased with age but ultimately he lived an extremely happy life and his epilepsy didn't affect him. Any time he had a seizure (which was very rarely) we were told by the vet to leave him to it. He was often disorientated afterwards and very upset after.
    Sadly though at the age of 11 he had a seizure and his poor heart couldn't take it and it took his life. Best to speak to the vet as soon as possible. Let me know if you have any questions.

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    My wife has a shih tzu that had a seizurelast wk. I looked it up and web said if no more than 2a month vet usually dont do much. You hold them and talk softly to them but i think you should take him to the vet. 2 in two wks is to many.

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