Could my 6 year old male beagle have arthritis?
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Thread: Could my 6 year old male beagle have arthritis?

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    Could my 6 year old male beagle have arthritis?

    He is limping and hesitant to jump off of the bed. He also yelps when pressure is put on his left elbow. I thought he just might of twisted it or something so we left it alone. He stopped limping, but it started raining tonight and he is limping again. I think it is arthritis, but he seems so young for that. Is it possible?

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    My dog had the same problem when he was only 4 years old.
    I got medication from Europe, Synoquin EFA for Large Dogs.
    He had it for two months and had no more problem.
    Interesting the Dasoquin didn't help.
    Now he is six years old and no limping.
    Due to maintenance now I give him fish oil , only from the vet and glucosamine chondroitin, half a pill from the pharmacy OTC.

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    It could be arthritis for sure, especially if he had some old shoulder/leg injuries in the past. I got an excellent supplement for my beagle that tore her ACL, it is this one:

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