Stomach darker after shots
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Thread: Stomach darker after shots

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    Stomach darker after shots

    Hi all! My beagle puppy got his last round of shots today, and I noticed later in the day that his belly area was a darker color than usual. It's kind of a grayish color, and I'm worried about him. I know he got parvo, distemper and rabies shots today. Has anyone else noticed this side effect with those vaccinations?

    He's been drowsier today than usual also, which I figured was because of the shots. I'm going to call the vet on Monday about it if I can't find anything out online, but I thought some of you might have experienced this and could advise me

    -Kristi McMurry Woody

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    Kristi ,

    The drowsy part after shots is normal for many dogs. I agree with your concern about belly color change and a call to Vet would be a good idea just to be on safe side. I have had dogs with drowsy reaction to shots just like your pup. As long as there is no trouble with respiration , swelling or throwing up and eyes look good and clear you are prolly OK. I have had one dog with swelling in the face area and Vet said from that point on , just sit in the office for 10 min before leaving and make sure no swelling.

    Please post and let us know how you pup is doing and what Vet says about belly color.

    Best , oldhounddog

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