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    salmon oil

    Quinn joined our family April 6. She's just turned a year old. I don't know much about her past other than she has all her shots and she wasn't spayed. We suspect she was abused too because of some of her behaviors however in the last 2 weeks she's really blossomed.

    I don't know about her past diet. We've got her on high quality dry food which she loves and I add a squirt of Salmon oil every morning. The oil has, in 2 weeks, made a major difference in her coat! It is so much softer and shiny! I've used salmon oil on my previous dog's food with excellent results.

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    ritaironic ,

    Welcome to the forum and congrats on new family member.
    The salmon oil is a very good supplement and the high quality kibble is a big plus. When you have time please look around our forum as there is a lot of great information here.
    It is always good to hear about a Beag going to a good home and with her showing signs of fitting right in with your family makes this old heart smile.
    Post a pic of Quinn.

    Best , oldhounddog

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