Shots after 4 months old
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Thread: Shots after 4 months old

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    Shots after 4 months old

    I got my beagle in Feb and I have gotten all of the puppy shots and deworming shots. I recently got rabies shot at 4 months. Anyone know of other precautionary shots to give? This is my first beagle and need help. Thanks!

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    Hi LaneHoffman ,
    Sounds like you are doing a very good job with your Beag. Basic puppy shots and rabies should give your dog a very good start on the road to a healthy life.

    I would make sure your dog is on Heartworm prevention meds by 5 months age in insure protection , also consider flea and tick prevention as needed. Some of the monthly HW prevention meds include parasite prevention. There are many products on the market to serve these needs.

    We have a lot of Beagle related healthcare information on this site , please feel free to look around and post any questions you may have.

    Best , oldhounddoh

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