Raw area on front paw pad
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Thread: Raw area on front paw pad

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    Question Raw area on front paw pad

    Today we took Eva to the dog park for her first visit. This park {first time for me too} was 95% rocky/sand/dirt. She had a great time and was there for at least an hour. Later when we got home I noticed she was limping slightly especially when going down the stairs. I discovered her front left paw pad had a small {peanut sized} area where the rough part was gone. No blood or debris. I cleaned it and put neosporin on it. Another site recommended Betadine. Her pads have always been very soft and smooth, thin almost. Suggestions as to how to heal this quickly and how to prevent from happening again?!!

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    I have seen that before. Be careful to watch that she doesn't chew at it and make it worse. It should heal up on its own. Next time she goes to the park try to check the pads throughout your visit, that way you can stop her playing before it gets worse.

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    Musher's secret wax, it's a wax you put on the pads before you take the dog out...worked wonders for my beagle.

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    You need to ensure that there are no debris stuck on your dog's paw. Also, replace the pad with something that will not tear up easily and one that will accelerate the healing process. I don't know the type of pads you've been using but you clearly need to change them.

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    Paw balms are great, and if it's a recurring problem you can get little dog booties!

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