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    Quote Originally Posted by kutyuska View Post
    Ace finished 7 days prednisone , was well for a week, now limping again.
    Pls, need opinions, Oldhounddog , did you read my pm!pls?
    Judit ,

    First of all do not get depressed , sounds to me like you have taken all the normal and routine Vet related precautions. I understand about costs very well , so , with the limited info I have on Ace I will give you my thoughts on his joint trouble.

    1. Make a serious effort to help Ace get to a healthy weight...
    2. I would stay away from Prednisone if you can.
    3. Swelling/fluid buildup in joint area is a key symptom. Could indicate a problem with the joint capsule and leakage of synovial fluid causing swelling. In my opinion (I'm not a Vet. ) the leaking synovial fluid will not harm the joint. However , you will need to think about saving up for a visit with a Ortho Vet as your regular Vet has prolly gone as far as he/she can go at this point.
    4. There is a 50/50 chance that Ace may improve on his own if weight is controlled and you continue joint meds and mild exercise.

    Best , oldhounddog

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    Thnks, weight goes down slowly, there is no swelling or fluid anymore .
    Still limping after resting. I went with homeopatic " med". No help. Now I called the vet insurance and if I'm lucky they approve the CT . First I go to see the vet on Tuesday to fill out the request. It still will cost me about $ 300 but it's ok .
    He gets mild exercise every day. When he doesn't want it anymore we go home.
    He is on Synoquin again after a month. We'll see.
    Thnks again.

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