peeing in the house
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Thread: peeing in the house

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    peeing in the house

    can anyone help me ? i have been trying to teach my pup not to pee in the house . i have tried everything but it just doesn't help and he is ruining the carpet

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    How old is your puppy? Beagle pups can be tougher than other dogs but they do get it eventually. be sure to clean the areas that he pee'd on already with a special cleaner for pet urine.

    You have to really take them out alot until you get them on a routine. Always take him out after a nap, meal, playing, or chewing. Praise like crazy when he does go outside.

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    How much exercise your pup get? Try let him spend more time outside especially after meal so he will have a good place for potty and praise him when he does.
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