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    We didn't get our beagles to hunt, but I've still been very curious about it. Even though our dogs are from show lines, the scent hound instincts still kick in from time to time with surprising suddenness and force.

    I've learned to keep our dogs on leashes, even when we're out in the hills away from most anything. Before learning to always take this precaution, I was out hiking when our first beagle ran across a set of fresh deer tracks. The dog let out a howl like I'd never heard before and didn't stop for the half hour that I was chasing her, while she was chasing the deer.

    It would really be a hoot to let a pack of them loose to see and hear the commotion. I'd be afraid, though, of never finding half of them again.

    As for weird noises that beagles make, yeah, they grunt, moan, snort, gag, growl, cough and make most every noise imaginable from the completely disgusting to the absolutely delightful.

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    Molly is so full of vocals, it is amazing. She almost "talks" with different types of sounds, some very high pitched. Vazzy is fairly quiet in the house but on a trail she scares people with the noises she makes.

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    Here's some interesting information on the subject:

    Beagle howling
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