my beagle jumps fences
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Thread: my beagle jumps fences

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    my beagle jumps fences

    how do i get my 2 year old beagle to stop jumping any size fences?

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    How tall are the fences and is there anything by them that your beagle can get onto? We have a 6 foot vinyl fence and there is no jumping that. Of course if there was a woodpile or small shed up against it, then they might be able to get over. I am always out there with them to supervise too.

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    You should try to increase the height of your fence. It works very effectively.

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    As long as the puppy is kept entertained, is trained and is supervised you shouldn't have issues with anything being ruined. Beagles are curious and love to be with the family. My dogs are inside all the time unless I am outside with them, too much trouble 3 can get into without me!! For puppy owners I always suggest a basic manners puppy class.

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    Or try using a shock collar to tame the jumping. It's cruel but if you are tired of the behavior you might be forced to use one of them for sometime.

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    I had the same problem and took SamK's advice and it really helped me. A year later, my dog stopped jumping over the fence and we removed the collar. However, at first I was suspicious of such a collar, as I did not want the dog to be hurt. I searched in Yahoo and found this article which describes in detail how everything works. I also learned that a strong electric shock doesn't occur and the dog will be fine. Now I recommend the shock collar, as it is effective and cheaper than using the services of a dog trainer.
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