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Thread: Beagles are Stubborn?--Agree or Disagree?

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    It depends , but its true , beagles are stubborn .My beagles are always testing my patience on every step . Ha! I will tell more! My beagle is a blackmailer !! Sometimes he comes at night and he wants to jump into my bed and of course i say ,,No" !! of course it would be fun to ignore me after few minutes but anyway , he back again and without promission jumps in to a bed . Now im angry ,,bad dog" and sometimes i must throw pillow on him .After that he's jumping off and hes going to the doors and scratch them (this is how he's telling he want to go to the garden ) Of course he doesn't want to pee (he was a 1h ago) He knows its late and i dont wanna go with him. Wel can't say beagles are stupid.......

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    Beagles are lousy at multitasking but excel at focusing and perseverance. What we perceive as "stubborn" is usually a disagreement over priority at the moment, and who gets to determine that priority.

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