What are Pocket Beagles?
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Thread: What are Pocket Beagles?

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    What are Pocket Beagles?

    Pocket Beagles, also referred to as Glove Beagles, are a smaller version of the standard Beagle but only grow to be about 7 to 12 inches in height and weight between 7 and 15 pounds. It is known that Queen Elizabeth I loved the dog breed so much that she kept a large amount of them as pets. They were a popular breed due to their ability to hunt and remain a family pet. After a while, their hunting skills were not wanted any longer since they couldn’t run very fast during the process. Today, the demand for Pocket Beagles is once again on the rise by dog owners and families.

    Pocket Beagles have similar personality traits of the standard Beagle. They are happy, inquisitive, comical, smart, sweet and an excellent playmate for children. They have a stubborn streak that may test the patience of their owners. They are friendly with everyone ranging from family members to strangers. Early socialization will allow them to develop into a well behaved dog.

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    Do pocket beagles really exist? I thought it doesn't. In Korea where I live, oftentimes, when people see the advertisement of a pocket beagle and try to go and buy one, that one turns out to be a beagle very young and starved to death, which makes it understandable why that beagle seemed so small in that picture. As I got to know the truth, I came to abhor the myth, probably created as a result of commercialism and greed for profits in pet industry, which takes advantage of people infatuated with a tiny and cute animal. I would be surprised if there is really one. Maybe, there could be, in the States. Who knows?
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    They don't really exist. There are some very tiny beagles that weigh under 20 pounds but they are just beagles. I am sure somewhere online puppy mills sell something they call "pocket beagles".

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    They are sweet, lively and adventurous. The most exciting dog to be around.

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