Michigan Rabbit Hunting
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Thread: Michigan Rabbit Hunting

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    Michigan Rabbit Hunting

    I moved to Northeast / Central michigan a couple of years ago and brought a couple of beagles with me that I have hunted with for years. I am a little bummed that we have not found good state land for rabbit hunting in my local areas. Seems to be a lot of water or light undergrowth in the areas I have tried so far within an hour or so of where I live. Looking for advice from some experienced Michigan rabbit hunters that have hunted other state or public land around Michigan.


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    I am not in Michigan , however, I thought you may want to contact you local DNR folks and ask about hunting areas close to you. They may also be able to point to large tract of land owned by paper mfg or other large companies that allow hunting on their land.

    Link : http://www.michigan.gov/dnr

    Best , oldhounddog

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