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    Need of helpful advice

    Hey everyone my name is Derek and about three weeks ago a beagle manged to get into our backyard , every time we would attempt to catch her she would get away. Everyday food was left for her beside our other smaller dogs and we eventually caught her. She has gained some gained weight and not as skinny as when we found her. But she is afraid of people and tries to hide when we approach her , but she does come out and is curious when we enter the backyard and watches us but runs when we try to play with her. We have carried her and at times shes fine and other times she has tried to jump out of our arms. Our other dogs are fine with her sleep and play together. I need some advice on how i can go by this situation i have rescued a dog off the streets before and haven't had this problem before and understand all situations are different. Is there any toys, snacks , etc... that can help get her attention ? all advice is appreciated to make the situation better for her. thank you

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    Thank you for helping her! Are you keeping her in the yard or allowing her in the house? Beagles are very family/pack oriented dogs and like to be with their pack. My beagle Molly is a rescue and she is still a bit skittish and afraid even though we have had her for 10 years. Patience, gentleness, calm mannerisms and treats usually win a beagle over. Mine don't really like balls but they like stuffed squeaky toys and chewies.

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