Beagle hunts too fast and hard
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Thread: Beagle hunts too fast and hard

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    Beagle hunts too fast and hard

    I have a 9yr old Male Beagle who loves to hunt...he's not the best pack dog but he will pack up after a hunt or two into the season. The main problem I have is he moves to quick and too hard and it causes him to injury himself a lot, cut ears, scratched eyeballs...he even caught his manhood on a fence once. How do I get him to slow down and stop diving into the thick stuff with his head up and eyes open?

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    It is always good to introduce your dog to typical hunting situations before you take him out into the field. This helps him to adopt the best hunting tactics and ensure he doesn't injure himself. You can use training dummies to teach him safe hunting.

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    can you explain more about beagle, i dont know

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    I am raising a 6-month-old girl. I have not heard your thoughts like?

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