Rabies vaccination too early
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Thread: Rabies vaccination too early

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    Rabies vaccination too early

    Hey all. I'm interested in purchasing a puppy, but the breeder has admitted the puppy was erroneously vaccinated for rabies at 8 weeks of age. Evidently, the DOB was miscommunicated to the vet at the time of vaccination. Does anyone know if there are health concerns from the vaccine being administered too early? From what I've been able to find online, it seems the primary concern is that the mothers antibodies will render the shot ineffective. I don't mind having the puppy re-vaccinated, I just don't want to a buy a puppy that is likely to be sick

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    I would be careful with buying a puppy from a breeder. Research them carefully to be sure the pups are not from a puppy mill. Makes me worried that they had a puppy vaccinated for rabies so young. Big difference between an 8 week or 12 week old puppy! The vet should have been able to tell the age. Do you have a vet that you trust or are you getting information from the breeders vet?

    Don't forget that shelters are filled with beagles looking for homes. All three of mine are rescues.

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