Need advice for first-time dog (and beagle) owner
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Thread: Need advice for first-time dog (and beagle) owner

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    Question Need advice for first-time dog (and beagle) owner

    Hi, I've never owned a dog and a beagle is my first dog. Lately I've found myself constantly pulling my hair out trying to figure out how I'm supposed to keep it well-behaved and training it. Here are some questions/issues that I have:

    1. How long should training sessions be? I've seen videos (such as from Zak George Dog Training Revolution) and have tried to follow them but even in the basic obedience training, I can't make it work out.

    2. How do I get it to poop on a consistent schedule? I've fed it consistently on schedule every day but it's poop time varies from right after the meal, 4 hours after the meal, to a full 10 hours right after the last meal. I feed him plain white rice and dog food (Bow Wow Puppy Dog Food).

    3. How do I get it to stop pooping and peeing in its crate? It pees at random most times without warning (as I've observed there is no difference between it just doing its usual walking in circles then laying down on its crate and walking in circles and peeing) while for poop much like the previous question, it really has no fixed schedule.

    My dog is 4 months old and it has been used to being in a cage all day based on the conditions that we found it in before buying it (the puppy cages were very spacious but from the looks of things they're never taken out to potty at all). That makes good progress somehow because it has no problems being inside the crate as long as there are people around the cage. If I take him out he starts off quite dull but then springs to life in a matter of minutes. He's not that difficult out on a walk and doesn't really eat much of what he finds. He usually just follows me around. At night, he also sleeps quite well with a radio on and wakes up when someone in our house wakes up and turns on the lights. Training sessions are very tough as I find him often extremely uninterested in the treats or in playing but if I do play when he's in the mood for play however, it's impossible to train him using play because he'll then switch to walking around and completely ignore me if I start to even initiate training. I've done my best to really reduce the stimuli in where I train him but it hasn't worked out at all. I no longer have an idea as to what direction I should take and what approach I should do to train him so I'd gladly love the help.

    TLDR: He sleeps well with a radio on at night, walks are no problem with him, and he doesn't have problems being in the crate. He's never interested in training at all though and often just ignores me when I try to initiate a reward system-based training depending on his mood. I no longer have an idea on what approach I should do to train him and am in dire need of guidance.


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    Puppies are always tough but beagle pups are a handful at times (but SO cute).

    Training sessions should be fairly short. You can do several a day but not really long sessions. A good puppy "basic manners" class is highly recommended especially if you have never trained a dog before. The classes can be great for socialization too.

    I don't use crates but I find that rewarding/praising good potty behavior works way better than punishing bad behavior. The poop schedules are often based on exercise as well as eating. Mine seem to poop easier if they are running around.

    Beagles for Dummies is a good book too, I got mine on Amazon.

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