Barking for 4 days now!
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Thread: Barking for 4 days now!

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    Barking for 4 days now!

    I have a 5 year old generally well behaved beagle but now he's driving me crazy!! We are pretty sure there's a groundhog living in the creek on our property just beyond his invisible fence line. He has been barking continuously for 4 days now when he's out back. I have tried praising him, then I put deer repellent thinking it might cover the scent he's tracking, and we even took off his invisible fence collar and took him on the leash to track the scent last night. I don't know what else to do.. any suggestions?

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    Can you take him out on leash to where the evil groundhog lives? Maybe if he can get to it's location to get some sniffing done, then maybe it won't be such an obsession. You can use tasty treats to reward him when he is done sniffing and heads home. Something about groundhogs drives mine crazy, even worse than bunnies. Or, maybe you can use a have-a-heart trap to catch the hog and relocate him to a new safe location.

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    Those hunting roots come out when there's a scent trail. Beagles are definitely barkers. I agree letting hims sniff around and get it out of his system should help, but catching the woodchuck should solve the problem.

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