Stool Eating ( Coprophagy)
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Thread: Stool Eating ( Coprophagy)

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    Stool Eating ( Coprophagy)

    Tom, my 8-month old beagle is eating his own poop. Although we clean up quickly but we're not as quick as he is.

    Aside from being gross I'm afraid he's getting worms from his stool. And we had just wormed him.

    Any suggestions on how to stop Tom from eating his stool?

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    Can't remember what it is called, but there is a food additive that can be used that will discourage this. Try a google search for it.

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    I used McCormiks meat tenderizer and my dog who was notorious when it comes to eating poo now just sniffs it and walks away.

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    I have not heard of that before Davey, but it sounds like a cost effective and simple way to fix this issue. Thanks for sharing.

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    try putting cayenne pepper or Tabasco sauce on top of the poop. If that will not stop him I don't know what will except rigid obedience training, perhaps.

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    I heard that coprophagy is also a way to show you that your dog lacks some important vitamins and minerals and he eats his stool to acquire these insufficient nutrients.

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    I read that stool eating in dogs is also an acquired habit since mama dogs eat the stools of their puppies during the first few weeks after whelping.

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    such wonderful ideas. have tried the Tabasco sauce and so far Tom dislikes the odor so we're doing fine.....

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    Some Ewwww Facts on Dog Coprophagia:

    dogs can become hungry when you feed him once a day and may scavenge around for food and poo may become appealing due to hunger

    dogs may be overfed. Overfeeding usually leads to indigestion. Its poo will therefore still smell and taste like dinner

    some medications and antibiotics have been observed to develop Coprophagia in dogs

    a change in diet --from a low fat diet to a high fat diet--may also promote Coprophagia

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    Eating their own poop!

    Hello, We too have a Beagle, Lucy who loves to eat her own poop. She is new to us, we adopted her from an agency and after almost 4 months we have returned her to good health. She came to us with so many health problems it was scary that a so-called Pet Rescue could let an animals health deteriorate so greatly. We thought she was eating her stool as a result of not having enough food, but soon learned that Beagles will eat, anything and everything they can sink their teeth into. On the advice of a friend we used Accent, simple, inexpensive and worked like a charm, with a few tricks. Accent has MSG and most dogs could smell it as they got close to the bowl, a Beagle however can smell it a mile away and unless you cover the scent, we used a gravy sauce that can be found at most any pet store, or as I did a people version of brown gravy. I added 2 tsp to cover the Accent and she sniffs at her stool, but no longer eats it. All that being said, you have to use the Accent pretty much forever. I did it for 2 months, thinking I could stop adding the Accent, that she'd learned to no longer eat her stools, wrong. As soon as the offensive scent was gone, she returned right back to eating it. Vicious cycle...

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