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    Female Puppy Behavior Problem

    I have a female beagle that is almost 3 months old and a male who is 5 months old. We have had both dogs since they were 2 months old. They are from different blood lines. For the past month that they have been together, they always played and would play fight but 2 days ago the female went too far. She would put her front paws on his back and bite him to the point of hurting him as if actually fighting and trying to cause harm. It has progressed to the point where we can no longer have them in the same room as she will immediately walk calmly over to him put her paws on his back and bite down latching on and will not let go. Last night she began to shake her head violently while doing so and caused a wound that will probably require a few stitches. The attacks are completely unprovoked. There are no toys or food present. Being that she is so young a few people have expressed serious concern with this behavior saying that it is not normal and that there could be something wrong with her brain. The last thing we want to do is put her down or re home her. We have been keeping them separated 24/7 for the past 2 days. One in the front yard, one in the back. They go on separate walks and sleep in separate cages. They both seem to be sad about the situation as they whine and cry and try to get to one another. But as soon as we let them get together she will viciously bite him. Has anyone else had the same or similar issues? Any and all advice or suggestions are welcome.

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    I have had some beagles get into some bad fights and it was usually an issue with their jealousy over us. For example if my husband goes outside, Oliver gets all amped up and shaky, then Molly would come up behind him and poke at him. Totally bad fights would start usually leaving Molly very injured. You might want to start with a vet visit for general check up and discussion. Be sure to get the wounds on the other dog checked by a vet also. If vet checks out I would suggest private training.

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