Do all beagles wander off and need to be leashed?
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Thread: Do all beagles wander off and need to be leashed?

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    Do all beagles wander off and need to be leashed?

    I should have researched beagles before I bought one! After buying Charlee (5 month old beagle) I starting reading up on the breed. I've been reading that Beagles bark/bay/howl a lot and they will wander because of their nose. I have had the exact opposite experience so far with Charlee. Maybe it's because he is still young, but he rarely barks and he never leaves my side. I would like to hear other people's experiences with their own beagles. Thanks for your feedback!


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    Mel, for a first beag you are lucky! Many beags "get lost" on a scent & become deaf to commands! An "apha male" like my last one can be a real challenge! A shy one like Jethro is easier to train as I have learned. Jethro
    was a very shy pup when I purchased him as he was also the last one/ "runt of the litter"! Goober, my first puppy was an "alpha dog" that "chose me" when I met his litter as he trotted up to me before all the other pups.
    The owners said, "oh, you must have been pre-trained by a beagle"! (A shy one will be less stubborn & easier to train than a "headstrong" one). Goober was a much more destructive (to property) challenge than Jethro was,
    I loved the end result of his training & the fact that Goober still holds our record as the longest living one @ nearly 16.5 yrs! (He might have lived even longer if he had not been "such a dynamo")! (He did outlive his teeth &
    refused to use the doggie stairs I purchased for him to get on by bed)! In comparison, Jethro is much calmer & quieter & uses the doggie steps to get on & off my bed!

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    Well if you teach it while it's young, you should be ok. But, it is most beagles, because of their hunting instincts, when they get a smell they will wonder off and not even hear you calling, or not even care. So, when it gets older i would keep it leashed unless your in a safe area, but if it still stays by your side, you have one nice dog!

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    I've had pretty much the same experience with Beagles young and old...They put their nose to ground and that's it. Their ears are turned off and they start chasing down a scent. The only sure way to keep them around is to walk them on a leash or have a tall fence to keep them in.
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