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    Cisco Wireless LAN Design Specialist

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    Educational Qualifications

    Interested candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Telecommunication, Electronics & Electricals or any related field. The organizations looking for Cisco Wireless LAN Specialist generally prefer candidates with prior work experience. Some employers want to hire professionals with a Master’s degree or relevant specialization.


    Cisco Wireless LAN Design Specialist certification
    This certification is for candidates who design solutions with Cisco wireless products advanced feature set, based upon a validated understanding of Radio Frequency (RF), and antenna theory, 802.11a/b g standards, and site survey. Certification also assesses configuration of controllers and Aps. The candidate should clear Advanced Wireless LAN for System Engineers 642-631 AWLANFE. The exam verifies the candidate's skills to successfully install, configure and support solutions using the advanced feature set of Cisco wireless products.

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