1. Akita Inu: The first breed we want to mention is Akita Inu. First Japanese national dog. Have you heard the story of the dog Hachiko? Worldwide famous Hachiko about the loyalty of a dog with 9 years 9 months 15 days waiting for the owner to return. This breed has a strong, tall body with a height of 60-70 cm (up to the shoulders), and weighs 30-45 kg. Akita Inu has 3 colors of yellow, white and white. In Japan, this breed often lives in families with large spaces or in rural areas. This breed is extremely friendly to humans and especially loyal. You can see more details about this breed here:
2. Shiba Inu: This breed can be considered a miniature version of Akita dogs. With a small size, lovely, friendly and dynamic personality. Shiba Inu is the most popular breed in Japan today. Shiba Inu is the smallest breed of Japanese dog, weighing only about 7-10 kg. In recent years, Japanese breeders have created a smaller variant of Shiba called "mame shiba" (particle size Shiba). I mean, this Shiba line of dogs is as small as pepper. Shiba mame dog weighs only 4-7 kg.

The height of Shiba Inu ranges from 33-45 cm (up to the shoulder). Shiba Inu's small size is quickly favored by the dog-loving community. Especially the households living in the city in the condition of his house, apartment. In Vietnam, Shiba Inu started to be imported by Dogily in the last 2 years and is very popular with the showbiz and is an indispensable pet of the beauty queen, model, singer ..
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