Beagle Dodger boredom
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Thread: Beagle Dodger boredom

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    Beagle Dodger boredom

    I have the most beautiful beagle, but after spending thousands of dollars are I am not finding a solution to his boredom I am pulling my hair out one by one by one.... my last resort is maybe I just need to let Dodger be a beagle and find some beagle games, the kind of training games they use for hunting I used one called find when I first got him back when he was just 2 months, now at 8 months he’s sooo bored I walk him play with him got him a kitten, got him barkbox, bones galore toys, you name it, I have tried it all, but he still whines and cries for attention all day long the vet gave me medicine to help, but noooooo, so what’s an owner to do???? I am at a loss now only thing I can think of is beagle training games??? But if someone else has ideas I am game. I’ll let you know if I’ve tried it, thanks Sandy

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    If you are living in a house and have a big yard or garden, let him feel the freedom. I think all dogs like this. If you are afraid that it can go away you can try to use a wireless dog fence system, something like described here Such fences will let you know that your dog is near and you should not worry about it.

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