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    Hi everyone,
    My name is Annie. I live in LA. I'm married and have one daughter. I'm not working at the moment. our dog's name is Solar who loves playing my daughter.

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    Hello, I am Jenny. I am currently 22 years old. I am not married. Right now I don't have any pet but I am thinking about getting one for myself. I live in Sydney Australia. Right now I am a student. I love to read books in my spare time. Nice to meet you.

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    Hello Everyone,
    I have literally just found this amazing forum & immediately thought i should register!!! My name's Jon, 25 from North Wales. I'm engaged and getting married in June this summer - so lots of exciting planning going on at the moment...
    No children, but two gorgeous beagles - who mean the world to us.... Claude, who is 4 - bit of a grump, who has a proper show background in his family and walks very posh, ha ha! Missy our little princess, who is just 2. She is from a hunt background loves her long walks on the beach and in the fields and is constantly nose to the floor and wanting to play!!!!
    Im training to become an accountant, but wont bore you with any of that!
    Love to run and climb mountains when i have free time.... Looking forward to chatting on the forum's!!!!!

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    Here there. Just wanted to say hi!
    I've got a ranch with various cattle as well as two friendly beagles - Jerry and Meg. Life is not getting bored with these pals.
    By the way, recently I released a website about horses. Any horse riders here? You can check out my blog here:

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    Boston, MA
    Hey, hope you're doing well these days.
    We've got a new buddy rececly, his name is Jake. Our house is a mess right now as we're arranging a cozy spot for Jake.
    My wife and I renovate our living place on our own, and we're about to finish Jake's castle at the backyard.
    We run a home improvement blog where you can check our progress.

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