Help - Beagles ages 13 and 12 fighting
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Thread: Help - Beagles ages 13 and 12 fighting

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    Help - Beagles ages 13 and 12 fighting

    We have two female Beagles ages 13 & 12. One is blind and has been for two years or so. They are fighting over food. The blind one attacks the other when she feels her food is being threatened. We feed them twice a day, and in two different bowls. We recently have tried to split up the feeding areas but that did not help today as they fought because the blind one ran into the other's area.

    Can someone give us some help before one of them really gets hurt.

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    That's a tough situation. It sounds like you're on the right track to straighten it out. Maybe segregate the two dogs until all of the food is completely eaten. If they don't want to eat all of their food at one time, cut back the portions so that they will be hungry enough to eat all that is in their bowls.
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    I agree with the above. Keep the dogs completely segregated while they eat (separate rooms with no access to the other). Keep the food available for 15 minutes then remove it. Sometimes the best solution to a problem is avoidance.

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