Milky film over eyes
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Thread: Milky film over eyes

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    Milky film over eyes

    I had my female get out of her pin and she ran freee for 5 days before I could find her. Now she has a milky film covering both eyes. Both eyes are draining yellowish matter. one eye is considerably worse(the pupil is solid white) She is now basically blind. Anyone seen this? Planning on a visit to vet tomorrow, but I've heard of some hounds eyes doing similiar things if they run alot in soybeans. Any ideas?

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    Probably an eye infection. Get her to the vet as quickly as you can. Glad to hear you got her back. When my female gets loose she puts her nose to the ground and is gone! Luckily I have found her both times this has happened with in an hour in the woods behind my house.
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