one half blue, half brown eye
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Thread: one half blue, half brown eye

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    Cool one half blue, half brown eye

    my 9 month old beagle or beagle mix (im not sure which for sure) has 1 brown eye but her left one is brown and blue. im just curious what it is, i googled it and i found several answers that its runs in huskys, border collies, and corgis. lulu looks like none of those she looks exactly like a full bred beagle except her mouth isnt black only has a little black on her bottom jaw and shes blonde/white i have heard thats rare

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    Mine is blonde/white too. They call it here as lemon.. If it is really rare then we have one rare pet. Also, please do not remove the possibility that maybe it is a disease or something not normal to beagles. Just being cautious..

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    That's cute. Although a trip to the vet is still needed to rule out any bad effects of that condition.

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