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Thread: off leash training

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    off leash training

    I adpoted a 2 year old beagle boston mix a month ago. He is very smart. Ive been trying to work with him on a 30 ft leash and practicing recall. He seems to get it on a leash and in the back yard. However as soon as i take him off the leash he takes off and doesnt listen to recall comands. Is there any advice you can give to help me with this. I want to be able to have him free at the park and play with the other dogs and at my barn but i dont want to run the risk that he runs off. HELP

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    If you can do this pls share it with me!

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    We are working with a 30 foot rope and trying recall but am coming across the same thing as you. A whistle and really good treats help a bit.

    This might help:

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