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Canine Arthritis

by The Pet Medicine Chest

Has your dog been diagnosed with arthritis? Is he/she stiff and sore all the time? Have you been giving your dog drugs to counteract arthritic conditions? Are they steroids? Do you have a relatively young dog and it already has arthritis? Is your dog crippled up? Are you really sick to your own stomach about this condition? Your dog looks to you for comfort and support, do you want to get your dog back to health? Do you want your dog out of pain?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then it is time to take positive action and get your dog back to health. As in ALL health problems for all animals, there is a root cause of the health problem. Get to the root cause of the problem. Treat the root cause and 99 out of 100 times, your beloved pet can and will return to robust health and vitality.

As you probably know from your dog's own experience, by now, drugs mask the problem. Drugs do not cure the health problem nor do they ever prevent the problem. There is a reason why your dog has painful joints. There is a reason why your dog has arthritis. There is a reason for every health problem a dog may have and the reason is NOT genetics.

From our years and years of experience, the reason your dog has arthritis is due to two things. One, poor nutrition. Two, toxins in its little body.

"No way, I feed my dog the best food that money can buy!" Well, guess what, the commercial dog food that American dogs eat is not wholesome good nutritional food. We in the agricultural community see the diseased, dead animals that go into commercial dog food.

Whenever a cattle feed lot has a dead steer or heifer or a hog feed lot has a dead pig, they have to dispose of this carcass somehow somewhere. What the lot manager does is call a local "rendering truck" to come and take these dead animals away. The rendering truck now takes these dead animals to their plant where the animal is skinned and then cooked under very very high heat under the pretense of killing off any of the disease that has caused that animal to die in the first place. The resulting protein is then pelletized along with other cereal ingredients like corn, soybeans, wheat, barley etc. to make a pelleted food that is then bagged and sold to the public for their beloved furry companions. You don't think for one minute that these feed companies are providing your dog with a steak or ground beef like you eat are they?

As if this diseased animal that your dog is eating is not bad enough, the grains that are now going into pet foods contain genetically modified substances that are toxic to man and animals. Many of you already know about our European trading partners refusing to accept genetically modified corn, soybeans, potatoes, tomatoes, and wheat from the farmers of the USA. So where do you think this lousy tainted toxic food that is bursting the grain bins on American farms is going? You are right, into the food for our pets. Is it any wonder our beloved family companions are becoming increasingly more and more sick??

So why is this type of food being grown here in the USA when even the European's, South American's and as of early August, 2001, even China will not allow this tainted food to come into their country or to even grow it? Why would the farmers in the USA grow this junk food when the world's largest population with the absolute need to feed this population will not even have this genetically modified junk food in their country? Ask the chemical companies (yes, chemical companies control our foods) and your Congressman or woman. You really need to do more and more research on the internet about this disgrace to the American farmer and danger to the American consumer and their pets.

This food is loaded with toxins, toxins, toxins. These toxins are passed through to your dog's entire body. Eventually your beloved little family pet's liver, kidneys, lungs and all other organs and tissues of the body become overloaded with these toxins. These toxins will settle in the joints causing deterioration and pain in the connective tissue of your dog's joints. This condition is known as arthritis.

What can you do to restore your dog's health?

First and foremost you need to get the toxins out of your dog's body

  • gently

  • without stress

  • without paying a fortune

All these chemicals and preservatives that are in dog foods contain heavy metals. You need to pull the chemicals out and the heavy metals out all at the same time. Thirty years ago, our doctors formulated natural de-toxing remedies for dogs.

These liquid tincture remedies are made from all natural substances that are squirted directly into your dog's throat or in its water or both depending upon the severity of the situation. The remedies will latch onto the toxins in your dog's body tissues, pull them back into the blood stream and back out of the body via the urine and feces.

You add 10 drops to every gallon of spring water or distilled water you are giving your dog for two weeks. Then you stop the de-tox remedies for five days to let your dog rest, then do another two week cycle. You would then do from three to eight or even more two week cycles allowing your dog to rest five days between each cycle. The older your dog is, the longer it takes to clear the toxins out of your dog's system. A good rule of thumb is, one month of detoxing to each year of age of your dog.

Second, you need to give your dog filtered water or spring water. Chlorine is a poison that has a detrimental affect on all animals. Floride draws calcium out of bones causing them to become more brittle over time.

Third, you need to begin to cook for your dog like it is another member at your family's table. Or you need to give your dog a raw food diet. We found that changing our dogs to a raw food diet was more difficult than feeding them the organic meat and vegetables and fruit that we ourselves eat. We merely fixed our dogs a plate like he was a two legged member of the family. Besides, if "momma eats it, it must be good". We couldn't believe how our dogs health improved in only a matter of days on our "people food".

Interesting story--we were at a dog show in Chicago some years ago when a lady who had raised dogs and shown for over 40 years came and asked us what is wrong with the dog food today. We got into a serious conversation about what ingredients are in dog food etc. She told us up until 20 years ago, she cooked for her 6-10 dogs every single day and they were extremely healthy. Then she "got lazy", quit cooking for her dogs, gave them commercial dog food (all brands she tried) and her dogs began to become more and more sickly. After we had this discussion, she went home and began cooking again and her animals are no longer sick. She quit the vaccinations she was giving her dogs too, but this is another whole story we will discuss another time.

Fourth, support your dog's nutritional needs at this critical time in it's life. Most people who have researched natural arthritis support know that Glucosamine sulfate and Chondroitin sulfate are essential for rebuilding the joint. Glucosamine sulfate works by building the proteins that make up healthy cartilage. Chondroitin sulfate provides a constant supply of the nutrients needed to repair damaged protein and builds new protein. One needs to supply enzymes to break down these strong sulfates and allow the body to absorb them. Additionally adding bovine or shark cartilage to your dog's diet will aid in supporting the already painful joint. Plus one needs to add in essential trace minerals to enhance the above ingredients in order to nutritionally support your dog's ailing body.

Fifth, you need to rebuild the flora that is essential for the health of your beloved dog. At the same time balanced flora promotes the body in absorbing more of the good nutrients you are giving as well as absorbing more of the remedies you are giving your dog. Additionally good flora has been shown to aid in rebuilding the immune system.

Sixth, you need to add essential trace minerals to your dog's daily water to supplement the above ingredients in order to nutritionally fully support your dog's ailing body. Your dog's blood that is circulating throughout its body has been circulating toxins for months and months. Your dog needs to have its body replenished with essential trace minerals before it can fully absorb the vitamins and macro minerals that it is getting in its food. Plus trace minerals aids in detoxing the body much like going to a mineral springs would help you.

Is it really possible to arrest arthritis?

If you really want to help your cherished little friend, the answer is absolutely, YES. Remember your dog looks to you for help, compassion, and wisdom as well as companionship. You are the be all and end all as far as your friend is concerned. Now is the time to come to his/her aid and bring her back to health. You have finally found the right site on the internet to assist you in helping your pet.

Start by getting those toxins out of your dog's body now. Clean up his/her system. You have to get out the bad toxic wastes immediately.This is the beginning. Get her/him off those steriods that are shortening its life and causing serious damage to its liver. Get rid of the toxic costly drugs your dog is on right now. Learn how in this discussion.

Support your dog's nutritional uptake to include the essential ingredients that will rebuild your dog's cartilage, synovial sacs, ligaments and bones. Arthritiseze™ is a specifically formulated powdered nutritional supplement that aids the body in rebuilding damaged joints. When you cook for your dog, you would mix these powders with a gravy from your pan drippings twice a day.

This amazing nutritional product will aid your dog in returning to health and vitality if you are serious about restoring your dog's health. We and hundreds of customers have used this product for years and can attest that you will see a serious difference in your dog's health within as little as thirty days if you follow directions and provide your dog either a raw diet or a plate at your table.

You definitely need to provide good wholesome fresh food for your dog on a daily basis. Once you get into the routine that normally takes about a week, you will discover how easy and fulfilling it really is to maintain your dog's good health and well being. You will see a vibrance that you have probably never seen. Both of you will be thrilled and happy you found the Canine Medicine Chest and our natural remedies for dog health problems. If you are fed up with giving toxic steriods and other toxic drugs to your dog. If you are fed up with seeing your dog in pain and agony. If you are sick of your dog being sick because your professional caregiver "doesn't know anything else", then Please visit THE PET MEDICINE CHEST for much more information on all sorts of natural and holistic pet medicines and remedies. Simply click the linked graphic below and you will be taken to this very informative website.

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