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Lambriar Animal Health Care

Animal rights activists have posted on the Internet false and misleading accusations about Lambriar Animal Health Care.  These postings appear to be orchestrated by extremists who oppose animal agriculture, wildlife management and other legitimate human activities involving animals, possibly including even pet ownership. 

          We at Lambriar Animal Health Care are proud of the reputation we have developed in the veterinary and animal care communities.  We have always operated an honest and ethical business, providing our customers with the best veterinary and animal care products at fair prices.  We are proud to have achieved an international reputation for excellent customer service and prompt fulfillment of orders. 

          Here are some important facts about Lambriar Animal Health Care:

  • Lambriar Animal Health Care is an independent corporation, incorporated in the state of Kansas in 1994.


  • Lambriar Animal Health Care is not a subsidiary or division of any other corporation or business.


  • Lambriar Animal Health Care provides veterinary supplies and animal care products to veterinary clinics, animal shelters organizations and individuals animal welfare.


  • Lambriar Animal Health Care does not buy or sell live animals, nor has it ever done so.


  • The president and majority owner of Lambriar Animal Health Care is Douglas Lambert.  Mr. Lambert is employed full-time at Lambriar Animal Health Care, and has no other corporate ownership or involvement outside of Lambriar Animal Health Care.

          Lambriar Animal Health Care always appreciates hearing from our customers and others who are interested in learning about our business.  We would also appreciate hearing from you if you ever see misleading information about our business on the Internet.  Please send an email message to us at [email protected] or call 1-800-344-6337.  To our customers, a sincere “THANK YOU” for your continued confidence in Lambriar Animal Health Care.

           We are very proud to be an Advertising Sponsor for the BEAGLES UNLIMITED website. Donald J. Potts writes great articles on how to keep the healthiest Beagles possible while Lambriar Animal Health Care strives to give you the best animal health care products at the lowest possible prices. 

Douglas Lambert

Lambriar Animal Health Care

Should you have a concern regarding the health of your Beagle(s), you should contact your veterinarian. All information on this site is presented solely for educational and informational purposes and should not, at any time, be considered a substitute for seeking or receiving veterinary care for your Beagle(s).