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Out-of-the-Box Tips for Exercising Your Beagle

As a hunting and tracking breed, the Beagle has excellent stamina and high needs for exercise. A slow and sauntering walk is not the best form of exercise for this breed, though that may be all you can offer your dog at times. If you’re looking for some creative ways to give your Beagle a big of extra exercise, here are some out-of-the-box tips:

  • Track it Down – Take one of your Beagle’s favorite toys and hide it somewhere in the house then use small treats to make a trail for him to follow and find it. Start with some easier hiding places and make them progressively more challenging – you can even time your dog to see how quickly he finds it!
  • Puzzle Toys – Beagles are an intelligent breed so they need a lot of mental exercise as well as physical exercise. Puzzle toys come in all different forms so buy a few and see which ones your dog likes best.
  • Obstacle Course – In the field, Beagles are able to jump over, crawl under, and navigate around obstacles to follow a trail. To give your dog some extra exercise at home, create an obstacle course using things like chairs, couch cushions, boxes, and more and see how long it takes your dog to complete the course.
  • Hide and Seek – Ask your Beagle to sit and stay, then hide somewhere in the house. When you call your Beagle’s name, he’ll come running, following his nose to find you. If you want to make it more challenging, hide pieces of clothing that smell like you along the way to throw him off.
  • Tug of War – All dogs love a good game of tug, so buy your Beagle a thick rope toy and get to tugging! If your dog doesn’t like rope toys you can try it with a stuffed animal or even a sock.
  • Skating or Biking – If a daily walk isn’t enough to work off your Beagle’s exercise but you don’t feel up to running with your dog, try inline skating or biking. You can purchase a hands-free leash that will tether your dog to you but that you don’t have to hold yourself.
  • Dog Park – Beagles are pack animals so they love to spend time with other dogs. If you want to give your Beagle some extra play time, take him to the dog park to make some new friends. Make sure your Beagle is up to date on vaccinations and that he has some basic obedience training under his belt.
  • Swimming – Some dog breeds are naturally drawn to water while others aren’t – for Beagles, it largely depends on the individual dog. If you have a pool, pond, or lake nearby, take your Beagle for a trip and see if he likes to swim!

It doesn’t always matter how you exercise your Beagle as long as you do. Beagles are a friendly and adaptable breed, so they are going to enjoy any activity you throw at them as long as they get to do it with you. If you find that your Beagle isn’t able to work off all of his energy with a daily walk, put some of the tips provided above to use in giving him some extra exercise.

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