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AKC Four Dog Pack Trails

I recently attended an AKC Four Dog Pack trial. Let me give everyone a summary, of the pros and cons of this format. At a later time if a four-dog pack trial happens your way you will have a better idea if you would like to attend.

The format works well with any dog that you may have at home. Any four dogs, whether they are yours or your buddy’s, that run well together can be entered. It is a format suited for one who runs a kennel and only attends a few field trials. Another thing I liked was that the trial was run by the AKC. Due to the AKC’s prestige more Beaglers are tend to attend such trials.

A lot of the dogs ran well together, there were a few that lagged behind, but for the most part a lot of the packs kept the rabbit moving. The judges were on top of the dogs for the better part of the running time, and were able to see a lot of the action that was taking place.

At the beginning of the four-dog pack trial, a ‘Calcutta’ was held. A ‘Calcutta’ is a type of auction. An “auctioneer” sells the packs to different owners and when the trial is over the winning pack has a bounty; in this instance the bounty was $400. The individual who bought this pack is most fortunate. I have never been to a trial where a Calcutta was held. It was interesting, but it does have its draw backs.

I like to attend field trials and travel all over the states of New Jersey, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, but what I don’t like is making gambling part of the sport! Shouldn’t we just leave the betting and gambling to the racetrack or to the casinos? I think we should keep field trialing and running our Beagles a family oriented event. Fathers should be able to bring their young sons and daughters without an atmosphere of gambling. Field trialing is a great sport and I wish to keep it just that, a sport.

The dogs we entered ran well together. We entered our four ‘Brinsky’s Run’em Over Tank’ pups. It was a good experience for them to be around other dogs and encounter different running grounds. All in all, this trial was fun for everyone and offered new sights, sounds, and smells for our younger hounds.

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