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Beagle Links

American Kennel Club (AKC) (Official, all-breed, closed-registry that is the oldest and largest dog registry in the USA. AKC registered dogs are world-wide recognized by all other registries. They have lots of quality field trials for AKC registered Beagles.)
Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) (Official, all-breed, closed-registry that is a world-wide recognized dog registry for CANADA. They have lots of quality field trials for CKC registered Beagles.)
Mid-West Beagle Gundog Association (this is the premier gundog Beagle association for the Mid-West USA. It consists of several nice clubs throughout MI, IA, KY, OH, IN, and IL that hold AKC Small Pack Option and Large Pack trials. They promote a high quality, hard-hitting Beagle that strives for rabbit accountability. They have an annual MWBGA National Championship Trial as well as High Hound, Breeder, Sire of the Year, and Dam of the Year Awards.)
Continental Kennel Club (CKC-USA) (All-breed, open registry that started in 1996. They are now looking to promote Beagle field trials for CKC-USA registered Beagles on both hare/rabbits and fox/coyote.)
Professional Kennel Club (PKC) (Nations largest organization devoted to money awards for coonhound field trials. This organization is now registering Beagles and looking to promote Beagle field trials with money awards.)
United Kennel Club (UKC) (All-breed, open-registry that is the second oldest and second largest dog registry in the USA. UKC registered dogs are not recognized by AKC, CKC, or other world-wide dog registries. They have a superior Hunting Beagle program with lots of quality field trials for UKC registered Beagles.)
American Rabbit Hound Association (ARHA) (This is the hunting Beagle association for the National Kennel Club. The NKC is an all-breed, open-registry. ARHA registered Beagles are not recognized by AKC, CKC, or other world-wide dog registries. They have lots of field trials for ARHA/NKC registered Beagles.) (this website by Beagler Terry McBride is the premier Canadian Beagle website on the Internet.) (Very nice hunting Beagle website by Beagler Rick Be'Land.) (Nice hunting Beagle website by Beagler Mike Bellamy.)
The American Beagler Magazine (by Mike and Janie Ridenhour, website includes the subscription form, contact information and more.)
Better Beagling Magazine (Owned by Ralph and Sarah Harrington, Better Beagling Magazine was founded in 1978 and is the only all-color beagle field trial magazine. There is a digital sample on the magazine's website, which includes the Better Beagling Magazine's cover photo, Better Beagling Magazine subscription form, question & answer board, Better Beagling awards forms, and Better Beagling Awards Rules.)
Hounds and Hunting Magazine (by the Slike family, this website includes the magazine cover photo, magazine subscription form, and contact information for the business office.
Newfoundland Sportsman Magazine (by editor Gord Follett, this website includes the magazine cover photo, magazine subscription form, several good articles, and much, much more.)
Rabbits Unlimited (There vision statement says it all:  We will be the worldwide leader in rabbit conservation, preservation, habitat management, and education.)
Lambriar Animal Health Care (Distributors of animal health care products, kennel supplies, pet supplies, veterinary supplies and vaccines, for dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, horses, and cattle at the absolute lowest prices.) 
The Pet Medicine Chest (Welcome to the first company in America to offer herbal remedies for birds, cats, dogs and rabbits.  Pet Medicine Chest's all natural herbal remedies have been available for over 45 years.) 
Virginia Hunting Dog Owner's Association (a state-wide volunteer group of sporting, hound and mixed breed hunting dog owners dedicated to advancing and protecting the Old Dominion's hunting traditions.)
Liams Hunting Website (Nice hunting dog site mostly about hound hunting in the United Kingdom.) 
Karen's Page (Nice agility Beagle website by our field writer Karen Gloor of Chandler, AZ.)
United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA)
North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC)
The Pet Professor (A great website connecting people to the entire Pet World.)
Dog Biz (The dog fancier's site.)
Top 100 Pet Sites (Nice website with links to several canine websites including Beagles Unlimited.)
The Regal Beagle (Nice obedience training/family-pet Beagle website by Beagler Pat Robidoux.)
Beagle Buddies (Great family-pet Beagle website by Beagler Valerie Jenkins.)
Dog Fancy Magazine (Great monthly canine family pet magazine and informational website.)
Canine Connections (Online version of magazine with good canine information.)
Dog World Magazine (Online version of magazine and has a few links.)
DogNET (A good online canine resource.)
Activex America, inc. (Activex America Inc., a Florida corporation, was formed in 1999 by President and owner J.R. Rogers to market Syn-flex™, a premium glucosamine arthritis treatment for humans and household pets. Since then Activex America Inc. has grown to become the largest direct-to-consumer supplier of liquid glucosamine in the world.)
Pet Zone (By Dr. Ackerman, Veterinarian - lots of online pet info.)
VetInfo (A Veterinary Information Services.)
Doctor's Foster & Smith (Pet Information Center, online Vet products, and free catalog.)
Dog (A good source of canine links and online articles.)
Hunting Informations Systems (Talk Forum/Bulletin Board on Hunting Dogs, Small Game Hunting, Varmint Hunting, etc.)
Women's Hunting Online (a great site for all hunters, not just the women)
FREE Beagle Screen Saver (Download a great Free Beagle screen saver program for your home or office computer.)
FREE Pedigree Software Program (Free Complete Program or Microsoft Word or Excel Templates and Macros.)
FREE Online Beagle Pedigrees (this searchable database has over 8,500 Beagle pedigrees and is growing daily.)
FREE Purina Puppy Care Kit (Includes an informational video, booklet, and step-by-step puppy training information.)
MapQuest (Best Free online trip-planning program for your next trip to a field trial or a rabbit hunt.) (The earth's biggest selection of books, electronics, DVDs, music, software, and much, much more.)
Beagles on the Web (Beagles with their own web pages.)
Beagle, Rescue, Education, and Welfare, Inc. (BREW is non-profit, volunteer organization that rescues Beagles from "kill shelters" and helps them find new homes.)
Havahart Live Animal Cage Traps (live traps for rabbits and hares, etc)
Tomahawk Live Traps (live traps for rabbits and hares, etc.)
Rabbits Unlimited (website dedicated to the enhancement of the rabbit for our Beagling and rabbit hunting pleasure.)
House Rabbit Society (Everything you ever wanted to know about taking care of tame rabbits used for training hunting Beagles.)
Rabbits Only (America's leading rabbit magazine.)
The Rabbit Web (Very good rabbit website.)
ART.COM Posters and Prints (This is a huge website that sells posters, prints, and all kinds of artwork (including canine artwork) at great prices.)
LinDavid Productions (rabbit hunting books and videos by the world famous outdoors writer Mr. David Fisher.)
Breeding Better Beagles (this website sells a great book called Breeding Better Beaglers by Rev. John Parks.)
Mason Books (this website sells a great book called The Ultimate Beagle: The Natural Born Rabbit Dog by Robert. L. Mason)
Davenport Films (they sell two great hound videos: "Thoughts on Beagling" and "Thoughts on Fox Hunting".)
Pet Crests (beautiful Beagle pet crests displayed on all sorts of items. Great gift idea for any Beagler.)
Briar Buster Outdoor Apparel (BriarBuster Hunting Pants - Wear Us Out!  We Dare You! Come onboard as one of our retail dealerships. There is good money to be made with the world's most durable line of hunting clothes!)
Purina Pet Care Center (the webmaster feeds his Beagles Purina Puppy Chow, Purina Hi Pro, and Purina Dog Chow.)
Pets Welcome (the internet's largest pet/travel resource.)
Hunter's Shooting Association (Advanced field marksmanship for hunters.)
US Fish & Wildlife Service (controls all US National Wildlife Refuge lands.)
National Park Service (controls all US National Parks.)
Bureau of Land Management (Manages 264,000,000 acres of public US lands.)
US Dept. of Argriculture Forest Service (Manages all US National Forests.)
Ted Nugent United Sportsmen of America (Ted is an avid bow hunter and big game hunter.)
Wildlife Legislative Fund of America (Wildlife Organization that is Ensuring a Tomorrow for American Sportsmen, Today.)
National Rifle Association (National Association that is preserving your right to bear arms.)
Gun Owners of America (The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington.)
California Rifle and Pistol Association (California's State Association that is preserving Californian's right to bear arms.)
National Firearms Association of Canada (Good pro-firearms site for all, but especially if you live in Canada.)
Game Warden Wildlife Journal (Website for the satellite TV show about Game Wardens.)
The Game Warden's Place (Website dedicated to Game Wardens and Wildlife Conservation.)
Federal Wildlife Officer's Association (Website for the FWOA. Lots of great wildlife related information here.)
Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (Great organization for anyone that hunts or fishes in Ontario, Canada.)
The Outdoor Channel (Website for the the popular TV show about hunting and fishing.)
The Angler and Hunter Television (Website about the TV program about Ontario, Canada outdoors.)
The Pet Channel (Website for the popular TV channel all about all types of pets.)
Gundogs Unlimited (The husband/wife team that own and run this website are my best friends. The website is dedicated to birddog training and bird hunting!)
Field & Stream/Outdoor Life (Great hunting information website.)
North American Hunting Club (Information about this organization and how to join.)
California Wildlife Federation (The California Wildlife Federation (CWF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation, enhancement, scientific management and wise use of all of natural resources in the state of CA.) (Great website for information about varmint hunting.)
Varmint Masters (Excellent website and magazine for information on varmint hunting.)
Varmint Hunters Association (Great website, organization, and magazine with lots of great varmint hunting information.)
California Varmint Callers Association (Great website and organization with lots of great varmint hunting information.)
Hunting The Red Fox (Great fox/coyote varmint hunting website by our Field Writer Randy Buker. Lots of great photos too.)
Varmint Al's Hunting Page (Great coyote varmint hunting page.)
The Varmint's Den (Great website all about varmint hunting)
BUSHRAG Camouflage Systems (Ghillie suits for varmint hunting)
Rancho Safari (Shaggie Ghillie suits for varmint hunting)
DownWind 3D Camouflage (complete camo outfits similar to Ghillie suits for varmint hunting)
University of Helsinki Research Project (Research study on the inheritance of measures of hunting performance and their use in the breeding of two Finnish dog breeds.)
Dog Genome Project (The Dog Genome Project is a collaborative study which is aimed at producing a map of all the chromosomes in dogs.)
Genetics (Links to several sites dealing with genetics.)
Outdoor Writers Association of America (BEAGLES UNLIMITED is a Supporting Member of the OWAA.)
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Should you have a concern regarding the health of your Beagle(s), you should contact your veterinarian. All information on this site is presented solely for educational and informational purposes and should not, at any time, be considered a substitute for seeking or receiving veterinary care for your Beagle(s).