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Bunny Blessings

by Rick Giermata

While sitting around today I got to thinking just how much my life has changed since getting involved with the sport of Beagling and rabbit hunting. I think back to my first time out in the field with the late Marty Cardamone and his Beagle, Sport. The fun I had with that old man and his hound hunting cottontails along the railroad tracks near the shores of lake Erie still brings a tear to my eye. I'm sure if Marty could hunt over my dog's today, he would sure be impressed and proud to see what he started in my life.

Then there's the so many people I've met while out at the field trials. People like Mark Stevens, Gene Wells, Bill Damiano, and Bill Ennis, they as well as their families have become extensions of my own. I know how easy is it to get caught up in every day life and sometimes we forget about the little things that make this world a better place to be.

For me, many of those important 'little things' have came to my life through Beagling. It's funny how just a common interest can bring people so close in such a short time. I have made new friendships that will last me a lifetime, and rekindled many old ones during a day in the field.

The next time I'm thanking the big guy upstairs, I won't forget to thank him for the many "bunny blessings" that have found my family and I, and I know that Marty and Sport are keeping the chases hot in the big enclosure of Heaven. If I listen real hard I can still hear him yelling down to me "Hunt Em Up Boy!"

Till next time, good hounds and good hunting!!!

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