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Field Trial Terms And Other Remedies

by Scott Wilson

          I get a lot of calls, you know, people wanting to talk about dogs. Believe me, I enjoy them. Even though my wife gets tired of the phone  growing on the side of my head. Inevitably the conversation turn to field trials. If the person is new to dogs, or trialing, I end  up explaining  much of the jargon we have developed over the years. Let’s look at a few of these unique words and phrases. I’ll add, in laymen's terms of course, the accepted definitions.

  • CLOSING TIME:  when you give up looking for a club and just stop and ask for directions

  • LONG DERBY:  a pup with the wrong birthday on the papers

  • ROVING MARSHALL:  the hardest working man at the trial (all my dogs think there name is MARSHALL!)

  • ROLL CALL:  competition to see who can make up the best dog name

  • NBQ:  next best qualified which is 5th place -- go figure

  • GALLERY:  group of people who always seem to turn the rabbit

  • ENCLOSURE:  what turns the rabbit while the gallery eats lunch

  • DOG TRADER:  any one with more dogs than you

  • ROUGH DOG:  any dog that can run in front of mine

  • A LITTLE EXTRA:  this dog never hushes barking

  • SLOW DOG:  the dog running the rabbit while my dog scouts ahead for Indians

  • OFFICIALLY MEASURED:  a big dog that is allowed to run with the little dogs

  • INDEPENDENT:  will not hark to or pack with other dogs,….at all

  • NEXT PACK:  hurry up and run to the judges


  • Have you ever noticed how many people get picked up 6th.

  • Have you ever wondered why seven men with dogs always have to go to two men who have no dogs.

  • “they’re  picking up anything that drives a rabbit”:  my dog was faulty and got eliminated.

  • “there’s been a rabbit playing right here this morning”:  my dog is cold trailing and I feel like a fool.

  • “my dog harks to gunfire”:  if you shoot my dog will run away.

  • they’re letting them fly today”:  my hound potters and got beat by the competition.

  • “she’s a little skittish”:  if you take this dog off the leash you will never see her again

          I bet you can come up with some good ones too. Listen for yourself. The next time someone is returning from the field at a trial and gets asked, “what are they looking for?”.

Listen for the answer, then interpret what it really means!

God bless and Happy Beagling!

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