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Great Lakes Beagle Club: Beagle Hunting Performance Test Rules

by George Pirman

1.      The hounds are not to be judged, as in one hound better then another, but they are to be scored from 0-50 in five different categories by each score keeper independently for a total of 100 points.  No hound can be scored by the scorekeepers unless it has run a rabbit for ten (10) minutes, or longer, with no loss lasting more then one (1) minute.

2.      Each hound may have its owner or handler, with two additional people, search for and jump a rabbit.  The hound may be called into a Tally-O and put on the line, but each hound will be scored on his or her searching ability.  The handler may remove a hound from a small rabbit if he so choices and locate a different rabbit to run, but any running time accumulated on the first rabbit will be void.

3.      The score keepers are to be looking for a ten (10) minute continuous run with no loss lasting more then one (1) minute.
A.     If the rabbit is lost for more the one (1) minute and then the hound recovers the line and continues running the same rabbit, then the running clock must start again from zero.
B.     If the hound has run the rabbit for less then ten (10) minutes and the rabbit goes in a hole, goes in a pipe, goes through the fence and/or goes through water such that tracking can not continue through no fault of the hound, then the hound will keep its running time and be given the opportunity to find another rabbit to tally a total of ten (10) minutes running between the two rabbits.  In other words if the hound has run a rabbit for three (3) minutes and it goes to hole then the hound may find another rabbit and run it for seven (7) minutes for a total of ten (10) minutes.  No more then two rabbits can be used to obtain this total.
C.     The handler may allow his hound to run for longer then ten (10) minutes and this total running time will be recorded on the score card.
D.     Each hound must be tested for gun shyness by firing a blank pistol while the hound is running its rabbit.  The gun can be fired by the handler of the hound or by the scorekeepers.  The scorekeepers can ask for additional shots if they are unsure about the hound running steady under gunfire.
E.      If a hound has gone forty (40) minutes without finding a rabbit and then jumps one or is put on a line by the handler and has run for five (5) minutes when its forty five (45) minutes testing time has expired, then it is to be given an addition five (5) to try and complete a ten (10) minute run.



Name of hound scored: _______________________________________

Testing time: ___________________Total running time: _____________


 SEARCHING ABILITY: Evidenced by an aptitude to recognize promising cover and eagerness to explore it, regardless of hazards or discomfort.  Hound should search in an industrious manner, with sufficient range.  Hound should remain within control distance of the handler, and should be obedient to his commands.

SCORE 0-10:____________

ABILITY TO PURSUE RABBIT: Pursuing ability is shown by a proficiency for keeping control of the trail while making the best possible progress, game should be pursued rather than merely followed, and actions should indicate a determined effort to make forward progress in the surest most sensible manner by adjusting speed to correspond to conditions and circumstances.

SCORE 0-10:____________

ABILITY TO SOLVE CHECKS:  At a check, hound should work industriously, first close to where the loss occurred, then gradually and thoroughly extending the search further afield to regain the line.

SCORE 0-10:____________

PROPER USE OF VOICE:  Proper use of voice is proclaiming all finds and denoting all forward progress by giving tongue, yet keeping silent when not in contact with scent that can be progressed.  True tongue is honest claiming that the hunter can depend on.

SCORE 0-10:____________

ABILITY TO ADAPT:  Adaptability means being able to adjust quickly to changes in scenting conditions.  An adaptable hound will pursue its quarry as fast as conditions permit or as slowly as conditions demand.

SCORE 0-10:____________

TOTAL SCORE:_________

A maximum of 50 points can be obtaining from each judge for a total of 100 points.

A total of 60 points is required to pass this Beagle Hunting Performance Test.

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