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Gun Education For Anchormen

Do TV News Anchormen Need Gun Education?

I’m really tired of the way television news readers—anchormen— portray guns as the great American evil. I can understand why anchorwomen object. Girls, as a rule, don't like guns. It is when the baritone voices express outrage at gun ownership that I find myself scratching my head.

I blame our education system.

The first problem is that most television news readers are graduates of communications programs, the most prominent of which are based at colleges in urban areas. This is a polite way of saying the national television media is dominated by city kids who probably never fired a BB gun at a can, let alone felt the kick of a serious rifle.

The second problem is that communications programs tend to be soft on their history requirements. If schools did a decent job of teaching history, more people would know that crimes against humanity don't happen in countries where the citizenry can fire back.

So, here is my modest proposal—firearm training for television commentators. Get these boys and girls out of their studios and on the firing range for a day. Give them the basic National Rifle Association safety course, in order to remind them that responsible gun owners take their hobby seriously. Then, let them tear off a few dozen rounds from various caliber handguns and rifles, to show them that marksmanship is a challenging sport.

If you belong to a gun club, you might want to think of making this a community service project.


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