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Humorous Beagle Story

by Julie Bay

          As far as Beagles go - I thought they were supposed to be howlers also but our little guy never did.

          We lived on a beautiful estate in Texas. We were in a small cluster of 4 houses that had been originally built for family members 15 years ago as the kids moved out of the main estate house. Our house sat about 1/2 acre from the road so we had a gorgeous private drive and our back yard was even better. Behind our privacy fence was 300 acres of farmland where they ran cattle. The place was perfect! And our neighbors were nice, all retired people so they loved my kids and, of course, this silly little puppy (Buster). They all sneaked bones and food in to him and just spoiled him rotten. Other than chewing all my new lawn furniture, he was a pretty good dog and only barked when he had a reason.

          He was almost a year old and one night he woke me up at 3:00 am howling like mad. I went out to see what was wrong. When I got to the portion of the fence where there was a chain-link gate, he had his nose buried in the windows trying to see what is going on. I pulled the dog away from the fence and held him. The dog was still howling, and then suddenly my husband fired the gun and a piercing gunshot rung through the night. The dog, yelped because he was scared, and then never made another peep! (apparently he thought he had better shut up or he would be next! ha). The gunshot was successful, it scared the armadillo out of the fence and off it went. I carried the dog back to the chaise lounge, set him on it and he stayed there the rest of the night - too scared to move.

          We went back inside and got in bed. Of course hubby immediately falls back to sleep like nothing happened! I can't do that, so I laid there for another half hour thinking how quiet it was and then it dawned on me, the neighbors probably thought my husband had shot the dog. I jumped out of bed and called the little lady next door - who was especially fond of Buster - and told her what had happened. She started CRYING she was so relieved. She said she had heard the shot.

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