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Louis E. Page

by Todd R. Bromley

          No matter how many Beagles a person owns, it's always in the best interest of the hound(s) to keep them in some form of fenced kennel. Whether an above ground or ground level kennel is used, is entirely up to each individual kennel owner. Once you've decided on the type of kennel that will best fit your personal needs and have decided upon your kennel construction plans, you will have to choose what type of fencing will best serve your kennel enclosure.

          In this months edition of the Beagle Business Page we are featuring the Louis E. Page fencing company. Located in Littleton, Massachusetts, the family owned business was established in 1893. Specializing in all types of galvanized before, galvanized after and vinyl-coated wire meshes along with a variety of plastic meshes, the Louis E. Page company is your one-source fencing distributor.

          Unusual and hard to find specifications is the company's strength. Having contacts with domestic and foreign wire mills, the Louis E. Page company will make every effort possible to locate and obtain whatever the customer needs. They also offer discounts on large volume orders.

          The apron fence is probably the most popular among beagle enthusiast and the one most advertised in the beagle publications. The unique hinged, 12" apron prevents animals from burrowing under the fence. Keeps unwanted predators out, such as foxes, and keeps pets in. The apron can be turned in either direction to make a pen or form an outside barrier. The fence is easy to install, there is no need for trenching. You just bend the fabric along the line wire, which runs the length of the roll, 12" in from the bottom edge. The apron lies on top of the ground and vegetation grows up through the mesh for a neat appearance. The fence is 48" or 60" tall, and comes in 150ft rolls. This is an excellent mesh for beagle training pens. However, this is only one of the many types of fencing offered by the company.

          The Louis E. Page company also offers all of the extras needed to complete your kennel and training pen. Whether it's vinyl coated hardware cloth, or polyethylene poultry netting to keep owls and hawks out of your training pens or shade cloth coverings and anti sight barriers for your kennels privacy, it can all be purchased from their catalog. They also offer all of the tools to make your kennel construction easier. Such as earth anchors, fence post and post drivers, galvanized fence staples and hog rings, coil wire and safety ties. The Louis E. Page company truly is your one stop-fencing supplier.

          The Louis E. Page company would also like to state that they maintain an extensive year round inventory. However, due to the specialized nature of their products, they may need to special order some items. They encourage you to anticipate your requirements as far ahead as possible to avoid any delays.

          If you have any questions or would like to receive a free 28 page catalog, write to Louis E. Page, P.O. Box 2405, dept. BB, Littlton, MA 01460. Or call toll free 1-800-225-0508; Fax 978-486-8337; Email is [email protected];  or visit their web page at

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