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Nowhere To Run

by Charlotte Bragg

          Some would call it progress but to the rabbit hunter and field trialer it is a sign of the times. More and more land is being taken up with developments and such and there isn’t much room left for the rabbit or for that matter any wild animal. I go down to where my Beagle running grounds used to be and now I only see ball fields being built. The rabbits that were there are driven further back into deer filled country. I live in a rural area but it seems the land around me is being built up on a grand scale.

          Think back to how it must have been when the first settlers came here to America. There was plenty of everything for everyone. Today we can barely go down the road with a house every mile and housing developments being put up, it seems overnight.

          South of me, it used to be nothing but farmland and countryside. Riding down there now, the farmer’s field is now a residential lot. This not only depletes our farmland but also the habitat for animals.

          Back in August 2000 I witnessed a local bear protest. People were upset because bears are being killed. Want they don't realize is that the bears are overrunning New Jersey since they reintroduced them here. We wouldn’t have a bear problem if there were enough land for them to roam. Shopping malls and new housing developments now take up all the land that use to be the habitat for the bears, yet some are appalled at the bear's population getting in the way of our lives. Do we ever stop to think of the animals?

          There are not many running spots around my area that are deer free and are easily accessible to run my Beagles. The fifty-acre field that two other Beaglers and I used has succumbed to this developers mentality. It is being torn up and made into baseball fields. We must try to conserve our natural habitat and preserve the Beaglers future. The future of our children growing up as hunters and for the love of the sport of hunting. We must unite and preserve our livelihood and our pastime before there is "Nowhere To Run." Our sport depends on it. See y’all next time, happy Beagling and keep’em hoppin!!

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